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Spectra Fiber in Profile

Every great product begins with a vision – and the drive to see it through.

Honeywell International Inc, a Fortune 100 technology innovation leader, created Spectra Fiber as a solution for products that need the ultimate in strength, durability and protection.

We believe everyone should be better protected and carry less weight,
so they can play harder, work safer and enjoy life more.

Who Uses Spectra Fiber?

People in all walks of life depend on Spectra Fiber. Military forces, astronauts, and law-enforcement officers literally bet their lives on Spectra Fiber’s strength and durability every day. That’s not all.


Climbers, cyclists, and athletes can all look to a world of superior gear made with Spectra Fiber to protect them and help them perform at their peak. Innovators, inventors and product developers incorporate Spectra Fiber to develop and create the next-gen ultralight, ultrastrong performance materials.

The list goes on. See how companies are raising the bar with Spectra Fiber-based products.

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Making Life Better From The Beginning

Although it is a leading-edge technology, Spectra Fiber has been improving products for decades. Developed in the United States over 30 years ago, Spectra Fiber has been used to create stronger, lighter ropes and fishing lines, and by the military and NASA as an essential ingredient in body armor and cut protection fabric. Wherever people are at work or at play, Spectra Fiber is there to protect them and keep them safe.

A Heritage Of

Spectra Fiber has created a legacy of accomplishment by enabling people to achieve higher goals. These individuals are inspired, driven and motivated by the possibilities created by Spectra Fiber. Strong, tenacious, and adaptable, Spectra Fiber’s unique properties are reflected in our company and our brand.


Every collaboration generates a potentially life-changing innovation. Spectra Fiber works side-by-side with key partners to create new and improved lightweight, durable products that improve life for customers everywhere. To that end, we are an inclusive, approachable, and open-source brand our partners can depend on.

For All

We want people to know the name Spectra Fiber. We want consumers to understand that it represents the highest level of quality and to look for it when they are considering a purchase. We want our partners to know they can count on us and are always welcome to reach out to us with a problem or a question or a new idea. For consumers and partners alike, we’re here to help.

American Innovation

We’re an American brand with American values. We’re proud of our
heritage and our product, and we’re grateful for the chance to share
it universally and contribute to a better world.