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There’s nothing quite like Spectra Fiber. It’s the culmination of decades of scientific development.

It is a unique ingredient fiber that stands apart from the others. See for yourself.

When durability, strength and high performance are critical, Spectra Fiber is there,
bringing its unique properties to an ever-expanding range of consumer products.

Spectra Fiber is:


How strong is Spectra Fiber? At 40% stronger than aramid and fifteen times stronger than steel, it’s strong enough to resist a bullet. Strong enough to resist hurricane winds. Strong enough to tether a spacecraft. You get the picture.*


*Depending upon application and construction design. Spectra Fiber is a key component in advanced ballistic vests, high tension cordage and tether materials.


Lighter than nylon and polyester, Spectra Fiber helps you rise to every challenge because it doesn’t weigh you down.


Spectra Fiber takes a beating so you don’t. Its extreme resistance to abrasions prevents rips and tears and can be designed to protect your body from cuts and scrapes.


Don’t let its tough side fool you. Spectra Fiber is flexible, pliable and adaptable, resulting in products that deliver the ultimate in performance and comfort.


Spectra Fiber goes well with everything. Fabrics can be developed to achieve color either through blended yarns or through fabric design.

Keep Dry

Spectra Fiber repels moisture so you, your gear and your clothing stay dry and ultra-light whether you’re hiking up a mountain or biking by the shore.

Keep Cool

By pulling heat away from your body, Spectra Fiber helps you stay cool so you can play and work harder in comfort.

Long Lasting

Because Spectra Fiber is stronger, it lasts longer. Which means consumers get a better return on their investment when they purchase a product made with Spectra Fiber. And that makes them happy.


Non-irritating and hypo-allergenic, Spectra Fiber is non-toxic.

The applications of Spectra Fiber

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The science behind Spectra Fiber

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