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You have to hand it to Spectra Fiber. Gloves made with Spectra Fiber provide superior cut resistance while maintaining the dexterity workers need to complete the job.

Enhanced abrasion and chemical resistance means your gloves
will wear longer, and Spectra Fiber’s lighter weight, natural cooling
and moisture-repelling properties keep your hands feeling
comfortable all day long.

spectra is comfortable


Two thumbs up. Ultra-lightweight Spectra Fiber repels moisture and keeps your hands naturally cool and comfortable all day long.


Abrasion- and chemical-resistant Spectra Fiber works as hard as you do without wearing down. So your hands are always protected and you can be more productive.


High five. Spectra Fiber provides superior cut resistance to keep your fingers and hands out of harm’s way while always keeping you in touch with your work.


Spectra Fiber meets FDA food safety and EU safety compliance requirements. Spectra Fiber can help you create gloves to achieve desired ANSI and EN Standards for cut protection in different environments without compromising comfort.

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