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One great product
leads to another

Spectra Fiber is an innovation that continues to spark other innovations.

From hiking gear to sportswear to workwear, motorcycle apparel, and beyond, Spectra Fiber enhances performance while bringing a new level of strength and durability to everything it blends with.

“Spectra is reinvigorating the
outdoor recreation market with
exciting fiber that’s being used
by global league climbers.”

Cameron Larson
Brand Manager, NW Alpine

Loctote testimonial

“Thanks to Spectra and their partners
like Supreme, we’ve got textiles that
nobody else has. It’s super high
performance and we love the stuff.”

Don Halpern
Founder and CEO, Loctote


Don’t let its tough side fool you. Spectra Fiber is flexible, pliable and adaptable,
resulting in products that deliver the ultimate in performance and comfort.

case studies

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The science behind Spectra Fiber

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