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What could you do with Spectra Fiber?

The answer is: a lot. The versatility of Spectra Fiber lends itself to an ever-expanding range of apparel, gear and fabric constructions designed to increase strength and reduce weight.

Easily blended with synthetic yarns (nylon, polyester and elastomers) as well as natural
fibers (wool and cotton), Spectra Fiber helps you create advanced fabrics that have the
properties you seek to create the products you envision.



Spectra Fiber can be produced in a variety of forms to match your application.


Filament Yarn

Available as a continuous filament yarn, Spectra Fiber is also offered with twist and with finish. And in a variety of deniers – 50d, 100d, 200d, 400d and even higher if needed.

Spun Yarn

Need a staple fiber that can be combined with other staple fibers to create lighter, stronger, longer-lasting spun yarns? Spectra Fiber is the answer. We can offer you staple fiber in 38mm and 60mm.

Composite Yarn

Blend Spectra Fiber with other synthetics, elastomers and natural fibers to create composite yarns that can offer an array of desired results to the most challenging requirements.


Always versatile, Spectra Fiber is easily incorporated into all types of woven structures, including: stretch, regular, ripstop, engineered, jacquard, dobby, and denims. The Spectra Fiber team has already developed a range of woven fabrics that achieve a variety of results including increased tensile strength, improved tear and abrasion resistance, reduced weight, quick dry times, cooling effects, comfort and more. Have a specific need? The Spectra Fiber team is ready to take on the challenge.


Spectra Fiber can be combined with an array of other materials to create a variety of knitted fabrics including: circular, warp, 3D knits and flat knits. If you have a need for a knit that features increased tensile strength, improved tear and abrasion resistance, and reduced weight, without compromising comfort, the team at Spectra Fiber can help.


Less weight, more strength – by laminating Spectra MicroGRID onto your fabrics, they will stand up to tough endurance tests. Features include:


• Tensile strength increases up to three times or more
• Trapezoid tear increases greater than five times
• The visual appearance of the fabric is enhanced with a unique patent-pending aesthetic.


Demonstrated applications include bags, backpacks, jackets and pants, with more in development. Contact us to take a closer look at how Spectra laminate structures can enhance your product line.

Laminate Fabrics

Soldiers and law enforcement officers carry a lot of responsibility. They shouldn’t have to carry a lot of weight too. CenturionTM fabric made with Spectra Fiber is designed to help lighten their load while offering extreme performance. Sold as a fabric, CenturionTM can:


• Be laser cut which reduces overall weight of the plate carrier
• Be used as a material for pack and bags requiring extreme strength and durability
• Hold significant weight while resisting rips and tears
• Be ordered in 7 different colors


The people we rely on deserve the most reliable fabric available. When it comes to lightweight strength and durability, nothing ranks higher than Centurion. And now, Centurion fabric is available for applications beyond military and law enforcement. Contact us to find out if Centurion is the right fabric for your application.


Find out more about CenturionTM


From fabric lamination to yarn development, and fabric weaving and knitting, the
Spectra Fiber product development team stands ready to consult, configure, construct
and develop the fabric you need for the results and differentiation you want.

Reach out to us for a chat to get the process started. Bring us a challenge and we’ll deliver a solution.