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Making a Case for
Spectra Fiber

Spectra Fiber is behind some of the most
innovative, revolutionary products in the world.

But don’t just take our word for it. See how our partners are
using Spectra Fiber to change their industries and outpace their competition.

Partner Testimonials

  • spectra-Loctote


When the founders of Loctote set out to make a bag thieves couldn’t get into, they looked into the uncompromising strength and versatility of Spectra Fiber. And found the perfect partner in anti-crime.


What wears like armor but looks like fashion? Knox apparel, fortified with Spectra Fiber. See how motorcyclists are now staying more protected while carrying a lot less bulk.

NW Alpine

The NW Alpine company was ready to climb higher. Spectra Fiber helped them create products the world of professional climbers could look up to.